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Understanding the Origins of Pizza

January 29, 2017 • admin

Most of us probably have ever gotten a taste of pizza. It is thanks to those pizza restaurants such as the smoky mountain pizza, for example, that it has been made a lot easier for us to eat pizza as we can simply come to them and order the pizza that we want.

Nevertheless, when asked about the food like where it came from and who was the first to make pizza, the vast majority of us probably still do not know the answers. So, here is a little discussion about the origins of pizza.

Pizza has been known by the people of ancient times with the form which is certainly another form of pizza today. The food comes from the poor food made with ingredients that are simple and easily obtained as flour, oil, salt, and yeast.

Pizza as we know it was born around the year 1600 when the pizza no ketchup on it. Then in the 1800s Pizza with tomato sauce brought by Italian immigrants who generally came from Naples to New York, United States. In that period also in Naples, Italy appears “Historic Marriage” sprinkled Pizza Mozzarella. A pizza maker, Raffaele Esposito, and his wife set up a pizza to be presented to Queen Margherita Savoia, wife of Emperor Italy Umberto I. Being made at the request of the Venerable. A Pizza symbolizing Italian flag: Red namely tomato sauce, white mozzarella, and green which is basil. Due to the queen really like the taste of this simple pizza then called the Pizza Margherita.

The original Italian pizza that tastes good can be found in Pizzeria, which is a pizza shop, that has each portion of a diameter of approximately 30 cm or more, but the dough was stretched thin. One of the secrets easement Italian pizzas is baked in a traditional oven with fire, because if electric oven baked with thin pizza dough is generally going to be hard.