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January 20, 2017 • admin

Anyone would not like to see the walls in the house covered with fungi and moss. Besides being unsightly, the fungus also produced a stench. Mushrooms grow from spores that spread through the air. Fungi usually grow in a humid environment, warm, and does not have good air circulation. Therefore, the bathroom becomes a space in the house most vulnerable to fungus. AC is not installed correctly is also potentially cause mold because of the water droplets. In addition, the roof leaks and inadequate water storage can also cause the appearance of mold. Then how to easily overcome the fungus attached to the wall of the house? H2O-R has tips for you;

1. First, rub with sandpaper

Use sandpaper to rub the wall with the fungus. This initial step will make the porous walls of your home. With sanded beforehand, moisture in the walls will come out and the smell of damp in the house will be lost.

2. The second step, rub it with chlorine

Once sanded, then using chlorine or chlorine to complete the mold growing on the walls. When performing this step, make sure your fingers and hands are already protected by gloves made of rubber. For maximum safety, wear protective goggles to avoid the chemicals contained in the chlorine.

3. The third step, set aside a day

After the completion of work on the two steps above, let the walls absorb liquid chlorine for approximately 24 hours. Chemical present in the chlorine or chlorine is useful to kill and prevent mold from coming back.

4. The fourth step, clean the walls

The next stage is to make sure the wall is in a clean state before repainting. Apply the wall scraping method to remove residual chlorine attached.

If you are experiencing difficulty in cleaning your walls are moldy due to water seepage that occurs in your home, then you can use the services of H2O-R because we are very experienced and provide a range of services that will make you feel satisfied with our performance. We also cater for 24 hours with all you need to let us know via email and we’ll come to you, see if the problem you are experiencing serious enough or not. Then we will consider how your problem solving mainly on cleaning the walls of your house that experienced mushroom.