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Longboarding history

January 26, 2017 • admin

Longboard, a new sport was adapted from surfing and skateboarding. The concept departs from the disappointment of the lovers of surfing who live too far from the beach. Although there’s no beach, the idea remains the road. Well, surfboard which is used in the sport of surfing is then modified so it can slide on the ground. Although at first glance it is similar to a skateboard, if observed more clearly will see the difference. Starting from the type of board to the techniques of the game. To get beginner longboard you can visit our website.

Board longboard generally not flat, not fitted with grooves on both ends like on a skateboard. We have had many lovers longboarding community that exists in society. Longboard ranged between 90-150 centimeters, usually made of wood or bamboo board. Longboard itself has several model type and dimensions are determined by the usefulness of the longboard, if you want to use it for the needs of downhill or downhill with a declining path. Then slalom type that used to divide kun, as well as cruising. There are about eight types of longboard and everything is tailored to the needs of tricks or habits of users. The price is different for each type. Longboard arguably is the classic form of a skateboard so that history does not separate the history of skateboarding. Perpetrators of sports Longboard called riders.

Longboarding came to prominence around the 1950s. This activity occurs because the surfer in Hawaii who was disappointed when he could not surf because at that time the waves are too small. Then the surfer finds better ways to eliminate their disappointment, namely by making plywood smaller than their surfboard and make longboarding with added some other trinkets that they can use the boards as if they were surfing on the waves.