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Errors When Doing SEO Optimisation and SEO Building

February 27, 2017 • admin

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If you choose the wrong SEO services, of course, would be bad for your website. Here are some of the mistakes made when using SEO optimisation:

– Publish content that is not relevant

Content or irrelevant articles will lead to bad for SEO. Moreover, this irrelevant content will destroy the others contents of your website. All search engines will ignore irrelevant content, of course, this is very bad in the eyes of search engines. At least if anyone wants to write relevant content you should always focus on the topics you will discuss. And also before writing download material resources valid content not until you find the source of invalid or misleading. Then the impact will be very bad for your website.

– Purchase Link

Buying links is a big mistake to build SEO. Many websites that sell links instead will give a backlink to your site. But certainly, this practice is not liked by google. In fact, it is striking at all if it is spam. People who buy backlinks is that he did not bother to look for natural backlinks. Provided backlink entrance to the site is already happy. Without thinking about the content or articles that are relevant or not. For now, google algorithm really watching it. Because many websites are brutal to create backlinks with spam on 2012-2013. Millions backlink trickle up into separate confusion for search engines as well as users of the internet.

– Comment spam

You surely know that the spam comments how. Usually, the comment just plugging directly link disappeared without seeing what is covered in your article. This will worsen the reputation of your blog or your website, especially if visitors just wants to embed a link in order to get backlinks only. Your article is good but with the spam comment is becoming a bad reputation for your website.

– Excessive put the anchor link

An anchor link is an URL that is planted in the articles or posts that aim to be a reference to other articles and is still on a website, if you put the anchor link excess it can be said that this is just spam without considering the merits of SEO.

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